Our Photo Album
Last Updated: March 23, 2008


Our Photo Album
UPDATED - March 23, 2008
The Travels of Russell Stover

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Caeli's Works of Art Museum
Jora's Stuff

2008 Photos
Bella's Graduation
Caeli and Bella
Easter 2008 Easter Dog

2007  Photos
Caeli's Snow Family
Our House
Taking a Nap with Daddy
Holy moly! Hail!
Flora and Fauna
The Wildlife
Play Time! (NEW! - Added March 23, 2008!)

Daddy's Girl
Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium (Page 1) (Page 2) (Page 3)

Camping at Marble Canyon

The Lunar Eclipse (August 28, 2007) First Day of School (Caeli)

2006 Photos
Our New Additions (Bobbie and Boodie) Picture With Santa
Surfin' Santa - Jora's Play Bobbie and Boodie - A month later...
Going Away (Beale AFB) Caeli's Name
Annual Dinner at Auntie Elsie's Playing Games
Jora's Snowball Horned Sheep
Yin Yang Babies! Beauty Pagent Girl
Caeli Skates Jora Skates
Skating Sisters Mom's Birthday
Caeli's Swimming Lessons Jora's Swimming Lessons
Silly Babies! Cookies!
PJ Day Litter Box Freaks
Caeli's Graduation Mowing the Lawn
Caeli's Preschool Dance Jora's Art Display
Nap Time (Caeli and Bobbie) Caeli's New Bed!
Mid-Tour Visit