Our New Babies!!

These are our babies that we got Tuesday November 22, 2005. The brown tabby is a boy and his name is Kitten Kaboodle. The black and white kitten is a female manx and her name is Roberta Kitten. Poor kittens, they’ll never live down their names! They’re 8 ½ weeks old in this picture. They’re also very playful, but sweet. Boodie loves to be cuddled and purrs a lot! Bobbie is an explorer and very independent, but she also likes to cuddle now and then and purrs a lot too.

Bobbie is relaxing in Mom’s arms and watches the birds outside on the balcony. She is very interested in the birds, but she freaked out the first time she saw the big gray squirrel hop down onto the deck! Boodie is enjoying a pet from Jora. Both cats are quite good with the girls, although Caeli is trying to be evil. They don’t claw or bite, usually – I have been bitten by Bobbie, but I’ll forgive her this time!

Taking a nap... Zzzzzz...

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