Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Caeli's preschool class went to the Zoo and  Aquarium at Point Defiance. It's not a very large zoo, but they do have some nice exhibits and it looks like they are working on updating others. It was a fairly quick trip through the zoo, as the kids are young and need to keep moving to keep them interested. All the kids behaved well and listened and no one got lost! Caeli really enjoyed it. We stayed after the other kids left to watch the wildlife show. It was fun! The Zoo's website is located at: http://www.pdza.org/.

This is a map to the Zoo. We started off with the Aquarium and Shark exhibit. Caeli was so scared to go see the sharks! I don't know why she was frightened, but she almost panicked when we were heading inside! However, she did get the courage up to go inside and was fascinated!

Inside the jaws of a great white!

I told the kids to play dead, and one of them really did! Hehe. Caeli is posing with a couple of our neighbour's kids. She's been playing with them quite often and was happy to know that the older boy was in her preschool class too!

The children got to touch different types of sea creatures (anenomes, crabs, star fish, sea cucumbers). It took Caeli a bit to get brave enough to touch anything, but when she finally did, she didn't want to stop! The children were all very gentle and didn't try to pick them up. It was a fun experience for all the kids.

The elephants were the first animals we saw after the Aquarium. It reminded me of the time Jora went with my parents to San Diego Zoo and she asked, "Papa, do elephants poop?" Well, right on cue, an elephant did his business and my dad asked Jora, "Well, Jora? Do they?" And with her eyes opened wide, she answered, "Yes, Papa, they poop really big!" A few of the other visitors were quite amused.

Tigers are so beautiful. The kids all loved to see the tiger and we had a few roars after this exhibit.
I can't remember at all what this creature is called. It is some sort of cattle like animal and it was in an exhibit with a monkey. I can't even remember what type of monkey it was. I guess I'll just have to go back another day! I know Caeli would love to go back!

This is another display of another monkey. After the kids had moved on, they put on a display - one was teasing the other with fruit!

A lot of the kids were thrilled with the penguins!  They were seeing the real "Happy Feet"! These penguins are Magellenic penguins and they like a warmer climate. They are found around the southern tip of South America. Caeli and I read a sign that told us about all the penguins there are in the world and where they are located. A couple of the funnier names are the Fairy penguin and the Macaroni penguin. We had to make a trip back to see the penguins after the other kids had left!

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