Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

When the kids were all having lunch, a couple of peacocks were strutting by, probably knowing that as soon as the kids left, they'd have lunch too! They were both quite loud and the kids enjoyed trying to imitate them. I'm just glad we ate outside!

This funny looking owl is a tawny frogmouth owl from Australia. I think he was on his way to the Outdoor Theater, but the trainer stopped and let the kids see the bird and answer questions. Well, not all the kids got to see the owl, but we needed to make a quick trip to the bathroom after lunch, so we got lucky! I guess sometimes it pays to make side trips once in awhile!

While we were watching the walruses, we could hear the Beluga whale show start. We were about to leave when this guy popped up and posed. I was glad that I got a decent shot! After the Beluga show, we went to the underwater viewing and watched the walruses swim around.

The Beluga whale's name is Beethoven because these white whales are known as the canaries of the sea and they like to make music.  The kids really enjoyed watching the show although a few were disappointed they didn't get wet! Although he knew most of his commands, he did get a bit confused when he was making sounds and didn't always get the right sound. But I know I have a hard time figuring out how exactly he learns to perform these behaviours to the gestures of the trainers.

Although it is missing some pieces, this is a skeleton of a minke whale. I don't know if any of the kids saw it. There were also skeletons of a harbor seal and a sea lion. Caeli noticed those.
This is a tufted puffin. Some of them were swimming and it was hard to get a picture of them. But this little guy was sitting out sunning himself and posing for pictures.

Part of this exhibit had an underwater viewing, but none of the otters were swimming around. They were all sunning and some were even sleeping. They are just so cute. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them!

This polar bear was swimming when we came to its exhibit, but it climbed out of the water and onto this rock to get a good back scratching in. He was hard to see, but he squirmed his way around and watched all the kids leave. Not many of the kids got to see the bear and Caeli was getting upset with me for taking so many pictures! But when we got home and she saw this, she was happy I did.

This mural is a pieced together rug. It was so neat and I wanted a picture of Caeli beside it, but she had already moved off to the next part of the zoo. I had to run to catch up again! The smaller bear in the rug is a 2 year old cub and it stands 4 feet tall! That's some baby!

I had to lighten this picture up, so it came out grainy, but this little arctic fox was in a small den which had a plexiglass window.
It was so dark and hard to see, but I thought I'd try to get a picture anyway. The kids weren't very interested in this
little guy since they couldn't really see him. I was hoping it would turn out. When I lightened it and showed it to Caeli, she
said, "Oh, so that's what it was! A little baby fox!" Well, it wasn't a baby, but it sure was cute!

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