Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

A doe, a deer, a REINDEER! Caeli thought this reindeer was a moose at first, but she was ready to accept that it really was a reindeer. Actually, she was mainly interested in the fact that it was stinky. I didn't notice a stink, but maybe there was.
This big guy is a muskox. Caeli thought he was smelly too, but he was so far away we couldn't have smelled him anyway. When I pointed this out, she shrugged and headed off to the next exhibit.

Caeli was ready to goof off. She kept trying to get in everyone's pictures. The boy that was getting his picture taken before Caeli was suddenly too shy to get it taken and just climbed off the stump. So, Caeli jumped up and posed for me. What a silly girl.

This was the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater Live Animal Show. Although Caeli didn't get chosen to be a participant in the show, she thought it was funny. The animals were well trained and seemed to have fun with it. There were quite a few animals I didn't get a picture of because my camera decided to die at this point. I kept shutting it off and getting one picture in before it quit on me again. Ah well, I'll have to go back again...

The barn owl swooped down over the audience from a platform behind the seating. Caeli laughed when she saw it fly.
This is a Canadian Lynx - look at those paws! Wow! It was a beautiful cat and really looked like a larger version of a tabby cat. It was so cute and very interested in its treats for performing!

Where we were seated, we couldn't really see this beaver until it was out on the stage, but other people in the audience could see it and the kids squealed. It quickly chewed through this twig and dragged it off to its "lodge". I was just amazed to see a trained beaver.

Here's another animal whose name I can't remember. It was a funny thing and it seemed to love performing! It reminded me of a child who does something, gets a laugh from someone and then grins and does it again. The amount of dirt this animal moved was amazing! A lot of power there.
I just love how amazing bald eagles are. They look so regal and beautiful. They're so big as well. And look at the size of those talons! No wonder the trainer wore a thick leather glove.

This macaw has been trained to accept dollar bills and drop them into the donation box. One child was asked on stage to demonstrate, but then they allowed everyone a chance to donate money to the bird. Caeli was so happy that she got to interact with him! I think it's a smart way to get donations to the zoo! How many kids would want to do this? Hey, even I wanted to do it!

Leaving the zoo, we saw this carving and Caeli just had to curl up with them. It was a long day, but we sure had fun!

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