Surfin' Santa!

Jora was part of a school play called Surfin' Santa. She got to play Marvin, a Jamaican guy, who tried to make sure Santa and Mrs. Claus had a good time on their vacation, which ended up being a trick by Mr. Grimley to get Santa out of the North Pole so he could take it over! OH MY!!

Marvin Rocks! Thinking...

We tried to get Jora's hair into cornrows, but her head
was way too sensitive. So we had to settle for this
pretense of cornrows. Everyone liked her hair this way
though, so it was all good! She did such a great job as
Marvin and talking with an accent!

School Sings

More Play
"Now, wait a minute my friends! Perhaps we can come to some sort of solution!"

Jora had practiced so much, she knew more than just her own lines. When one of the other actors, "Kevin", forgot his line, Jora was able to prompt him with his line. He sure was happy someone remembered his line!

The whole school was able to participate in the play. Many of the acts had songs that were sung by the different classes in the school. Everyone was dressed up according to what song they were singing in the play. It was great!

We all enjoyed the production immensely. I'm sure the kids all had a great time, too! A few of them were quite entertaining: blowing kisses, waving madly at mom and dad, shading their eyes and peering out at the audience, looking for mom and dad, dancing at odd times, and just being kids, heh.

Well done, everyone and thanks for the great show!

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