Easter Party 2008

This year, Shawn's squadron had a small Easter party in one of the parks on base. Since Shawn was away, I dragged everyone else out to it! Caeli had fun - and I think Jora did too (even if she won't admit it!) They played games, collected eggs (lots of candy!), got their face painted, and ate a lot of food! It was a bit chilly outside, but I don't think the kids noticed! I forgot a basket for Caeli and Jora (I plead temporary insanity - I had my wisdom teeth removed two days before the party), but we found a couple of bags for them to put their goodies in. My parents got to meet a few of the people and were told that any time they were in town and the squadron was having a function, they were welcome to join!

Getting her face painted... Jora wouldn't do it - chicken!
A butterfly!
Easter buffet! Donuts, desserts, muffins, and more! But no forks. OOPS!
Look at all those eggs!

Hearing the rules of the hunt.
And they're off! Walking. Not running. How polite!

On the hunt for Easter eggs!
There was a field of eggs to be found!

Eggs? What eggs? I don't have any eggs? Oh these things? Uh, they're just some pretty rocks, yeah, rocks, that I found. Does anyone have a bag I can borrow?
Caeli shows off her loot!

Some of the parents watch - Major Kinney, Lisa and Katie (and the Easter Bunny!)
Getting ready for the next game...

The Egg Walk Game. The kids were to keep moving around in a circle while there was music playing and then find an egg to stand on when it stopped! The last one with an egg was the winner! Neither Caeli or Jora won - oh well! Better luck next time!
The radio died just before this game and I left my IPOD at home, so these wonderful parents sang the songs for the kids! They did a great job (even if they did have to sing Jingle Bells because they ran out of song ideas!) The kids had fun and that's what counts!

Easter egg rolling. They had to roll the egg and get as close to the target as possible.
Close enough!
Happy Easter!

Caeli and Jora weren't feeling well Saturday, but they managed to help colour the eggs. After they were dyed, we didn't really decorate them much, but they were still pretty. The next morning, Caeli wasn't up to looking for the eggs (or checking out her Easter basket), but with everyone's help, Jora and Caeli found all the eggs. Yay!

Colouring eggs. Lots of eggs. We ran out of ideas before we ran out of eggs!
Look at what the Easter Bunny brought!


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