Happy Halloween 2007!

The "Belle" of the ball! Caeli wasn't too happy at first with the dress I sewed for her - I actually started it last year! But I managed to get it done, and when she saw herself, she was happy. I used the slip and tulle skirt from another costume, but it was a bit too big for Caeli. Ah well, she still was "si belle"! (Si belle means so beautiful in French).

Yeah. I look happy. No wonder the kids were afraid of me. I look like a big white blob with garish blue eye shadow! Wow. Nasty!

Scarecrow Shawn with his new girlfriend!
 At Shawn's work, they had a Trick or Treat Halloween Party for the squadron families. The kids had a lot of fun - and was there a lot of food and candy!! Wow!

This was the costume I made for Jora this year. Jora was in Canada at my parents for Halloween this year. We drove up the weekend before Halloween so I could make this costume for her. I was very pleased with the way it turned out.  Well, actually she and Gramma made the hat. I sewed the dress and the bolero (the little jacket with the huge sleeves part). The bolero material is black with a red sheen and red cobwebs on it, but you can't really see it in the photos. Jora says she got quite a few compliments on her outfit at school.

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