Caeli's Swimming Lessons!!

Getting ready for the class!
Gliding and kicking in the water.
Phew! Made it!
Just playing around.
A little bit cold! This girl needs some meat on those bones! Brrrrr!
Caeli does really well at floating on her back.
She's starting to learn how to kick on her back.
Whee! Go, Caeli!
There's a traffic jam at the ladder! Everyone wants to jump!
Caeli really liked jumping off the low diving board! In this set of pictures, she actually went feet first, but before, she was so excited to jump, she did a belly flop because she was trying to dive at the teacher!
"Rainbow Shark in the ocean, Rainbow Shark in the sea, Rainbow Shark in the middle, Rainbow Shark swim free!"
This was one of the games the kids liked to play. They would all move around in a circle with one of the kids in the centre. They got to choose what animal they wanted to be and Caeli always chose a "Rainbow Shark".

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