Marble Canyon has been a favourite camping spot ever since I was a child. It is in the BC Interior near a town called Cache Creek. This was Shawn and Caeli's first time to Marble Canyon. Although we didn't get one of the better camping spots, we had a good time. It did get really windy one day and tried to blow the tarp away, and Caeli got attacked by wasps, but other than that, it was a fun time.

Jora loves to draw. I really love this picture she did. I have to scan it in so you can enjoy it too!
Our next door neighbours kept honking at us!

We picked some choke cherries and mom tried to make some jam, but it got so thick we couldn't spread it out! It did taste quite good anyway!
(The berries right below are what choke cherries look like on the tree).

Look out! You're on Candid Camera!!! (Papa, you're bad!)

These are wild onions. They are a bit tough to find if you don't know what you're looking for, but the girls really got good at finding them and they picked a bunch of them. The bulbs are really small, but they are so flavourful that it's worth the time preparing them! We ate them with our steak and potatoes. What a wonderful meal!

I think these ducks have become a bit too used to people. When Caeli and I walked past them to take pictures, they came right up to us. Only when they realized we weren't going to give them food did they walk away. But the babies were so cute anyway! They almost had all their adult feathers, but you can still see the fluffy downy baby feathers.

This is the trail we were following when we went hiking around the lake. The hike took about an hour or so and it was really tough going in some spots, but it was a nice hike.
Well, up until Caeli got stung by wasps.

This is the waterfall above the lake on the far side. It's quite small, but pretty nonetheless. It was just before here that Caeli got attacked by wasps.
Jora was the leader, but she didn't get stung at all. Caeli got stung 3 times - 2 on the neck and 1 on the hip. She just suddenly started screaming
and I had no idea what was happening. They heard her back in the campsite on the other side of the lake. However, Jora was the best big sister and
she managed to calm Caeli down while I chased away the wasps and made sure they stopped following us. Poor Caeli!

We went for a drive in Hat Creek, which is mainly a ranching and logging area, although they had been mining coal there as well. During the drive we saw 3 bear, but I didn't get a picture of any of them! Shawn spotted the first bear, but by the time we got out and figured out where it was, it was already a half mile away just charging through the ravines and brush to get away from us! I suppose the ranchers in the area keep a good eye on the bear and other wild animals to make sure they don't go after the cattle. The other two times, Shawn was the first again to spot the bears, but as by the time we stopped, they were already gone. Ah well, maybe another time.

I did manage to chase down this grouse, but it took me awhile. Too bad it's not as exciting as a bear. Ah well, it will have to do.

And the only other thing we saw that day was this poor dead rubber spider. We had stopped at a stream to get a drink - the water up there is fabulous! - and we spotted this dumb thing on the way back to the truck. Caeli thought it was marvellous and she played with it for the rest of the day.. and the few day after that... and the day after that...

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