The Terrible Two!

Here are the brats not quite a month after we got them.

Boodie has gained about 1 pound since we first got them, but he's had a very bad cold and a virus, so we're happy he's gained any weight at all! Bobbie has happily gained almost 2 pounds and we've nicknamed her "Garbage Guts"!
Bobbie is definitely very active - she runs all over the house chasing anything silly enough to get in her way! She sort of "hops" around, both of her back feet moving in the same direction at the same time. She looks like a rabbit.

Both the cats enjoy watching the birds feeding outside on the deck, although Bobbie does stalk them a lot more often than Boodie does, but this could be due to Boodie's sickness. Boodie has really perked up the past week and schnuffles a lot less than he had been. Hopefully this is a sign that he's over his virus (called "calicivirus") and getting healthy!
Bobbie and Boodie are definitely very loving towards each other, often licking each other clean. Bobbie is more often cleaning Boodie and showing her mothering skills. I think she would make a great mom, but we won't find out! Hehe! Both our kittens will be neutered/spayed in January. We are really enjoying having these babies around and watching their silly antics!

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