Shinaro - Part 1

A year has passed since Sasuke came to Orochimaru, but Sasuke knows that Naruto and Sakura are still training at Konoha Village to bring him back. Shaking his head, he looks at a door and pauses to wonder about it. The moment Sasuke had come to Orochimaru’s hideout, Orochimaru warned him never to go through that door. Sometimes, Sasuke hears roaring coming from the other side of the door, but whenever he hears it, he’s not able to approach the door. When he is left alone in the hideout, he listens at the door, but there is always silence. Orochimaru is the only one that goes through that door and he usually comes out wounded or looking scared.


Later that day, Kabuto approaches Sasuke and says that Orochimaru told him to take Sasuke into that room and that Orochimaru thought he was ready for "her". Sasuke is confused but he follows. When Kabuto starts opening the door, Sasuke notices that Kabuto is shaking really badly. What could be in that room that is so frightening or so dangerous? As Sasuke steps into the room, a girl’s voice says," Hello, Uchiha Sasuke. How are you?"


Immediately, Sasuke is on his guard, reaching out his senses, but he is unable to feel a presence. He calls out," Who are you? Show yourself!" The voice answers," Why should I, Sasuke?" Turning toward the sound, Sasuke again searches for a presence, but he still can’t detect anything. At a loss for words, Sasuke wonders if this is one of Orochimaru’s tricks. After all, how could someone be in this room when he can’t sense anyone?


"Well, Sasuke?” repeats the voice. “Why should I?"


He replies," I want to know who I'm talking to."


A soft voice comes from behind him," Ok, Sasuke, here I am."


Sasuke spins around incredulously, “How can she move so fast?! I didn't even feel her!”


He turns to confront this stranger, but no one is there. Once more behind him, the voice chuckles," You shouldn't show your back to the enemy, you know."


Turning faster, Sasuke finally comes face to face with a girl that looks about his age. She has short white hair and her clothing is comprised of a short sleeveless dress, a belt slung across her chest, three more belts wrapped around her waist, black knee-high boots, and gloves. However, her whole body seems to be completely covered in bandages and even her eyes are covered! “How can she see?!” Sasuke gasps.


"W-who are you?" he manages to stammer.


"You can call me Lili," she says coolly.


He asked, "Where did you come from? How did you get here without me noticing?"


Grinning, Lili replies," I’m magic."


Although, he doesn’t really believe that, he is unable to come up with another explanation. His thoughts are interrupted when she says," So you're the Uchiha, Orochimaru's new 'container', huh? Wow, you look weak.” To herself, she adds, "I wonder why would he choose you?”


Sasuke feels himself getting angry at being called weak. "I bet I'm stronger than you!" he says a bit foolishly.


"Really?" she says calmly, raising her eyebrow. "Well then, prove it. Beat me in a battle and I will take back what I just said."


He looks around, and then asks her, "There’s not much room in here. Where will we fight? Outside?"


"In a way," she says mysteriously.


Then she grabs his arm, and starts pulling him towards a wall.


"Where are we going? That's a wall!" he yells.


"Yes, it’s a wall, but not an ordinary one." She keeps pulling him and just as they are  about to hit the wall, Sasuke closes his eyes.


"Open your eyes, idiot. I told you it wasn't a normal wall."


Opening his eyes, a gasp escapes his lips. They have miraculously appeared at the Valley of the End where he had fought Naruto. Clenching his fists, Sasuke thinks back to that fight and back to when he still lived in Konoha Village. Just being in the Valley, brings back so many memories and Sasuke doesn’t like it.


Suddenly, Lili pushes Sasuke off the cliff, startling him, but he nimbly lands on the water. Jumping down in front of him, she smiles and says, "This is where we will fight. Now come, give me your all."


'You'll need a lot more than ‘your all’ to defeat me' she thinks.


Jumping into the sky, Sasuke decides to throw a kunai, which she easily deflects. He needs to discover just how strong and fast she is. He prepares a jutsu, but before he can complete it, she appears above him and lands a punch.


In a soft, cruel voice, Lili then says, "You were remembering your friends in Konoha, weren’t you? You know, you disgust me - almost more than Orochimaru. Those that disobey the rules are scum, but those that leave their friends are worse than scum."


In the middle of throwing another kunai, Sasuke stops abruptly when he realizes he had heard someone say that before, but he can't put his finger on whom. While he is trying to figure it out, Lili attacks furiously, throwing kunai and hitting him.


"Wake up already!" she yells at him.


Suddenly, he remembers who had said it before. "You know Kakashi, don't you?"


Lili looks taken aback. "Yes, I did know him. Did he tell you that as well? Are you surprised that he learned that phrase from me?"


Sasuke asks her, "How could you know him?"


She replies with an answer he is not ready for. "I used to live in Konoha Village when Kasahi was still a genin... No, not even yet a genin. Now are you ready to fight yet?”


While Sasuke is still trying to process her words, Lili quickly moves behind him and begins hitting him again with and without a kunai. Before he can return her attack, or even defend himself, she backs away and throws a shuriken at him. The sudden brutal attack leaves Sasuke dazed and it is a couple of seconds before Sasuke realizes he is bleeding and bruised. He finally grasps what she said, and, as she continues her attack, he manages to gasp, “Kakashi was a genin? How old are you?”


She stops mid-throw and answers, "Are you still stuck on that? You are so slow! How could Orochimaru have chosen you? And besides, that is a very rude question to ask a girl.”


Sighing, she continues, “I imagine this must be very confusing for you, so I will answer that very rude question. I am over a thousand years old."


Sasuke gapes at Lili. He can't believe her. No one can live that long. Then he realizes, 'Maybe she is how Orochimaru found out about that technique.' He shudders at how many people she must have killed over a thousand years.


Watching Sasuke, Lili realizes what he is thinking and growls, "Don’t be disgusting. I would never use a technique like Orochimaru's.”


She throws several shurikan at him and then leaps at him, throwing him to the ground. Shocked by this sudden attack, Sasuke is unable to defend himself. Lili holds a kunai to his throat and snarls, “Do you really want to know what has kept me alive so long? HATRED! Hatred for those who would destroy what they don’t understand; hatred for those who think so highly of themselves; and hatred for those who would leave their friends! And hatred takes over your soul and leaves you nothing! NOTHING! How I hate you, Uchiha Sasuke! Do you want to know why? You are so full of yourself that you left your friends for something stupid like revenge! Revenge!”


Looking at Sasuke, Lili says, “You piss me off, Sasuke." Then she lifts her kunai high in the air, but then she pauses.


Although he is confused, Sasuke takes the momentary lapse in her attack to roll away and get out of her range. Can hatred really keep someone alive for so long? No, it is impossible - utterly impossible! Yet, as he watches her, something else unbelievable is happening. Her hair is turning black!


And then, he feels her chakra. It surges forth from her and he is amazed at how strong her chakra feels! He has never felt anything so strong - or so evil. As he stares at her now black hair, she charges at him and hits him so many times. He feels each hit only after she is moving to hit again. He can’t counter. He knows that he is too slow and his body is his only gauge of how many times she has hit him. His body is wracked with pain. Suddenly, Lili hits him so hard he is thrown high up in the air and falls back onto the cliff.


As he sees her form, with her black hair flying in the air, above him, he thinks that he is going to die and he is so scared. He can’t even move, so frozen by his fear. Closing his eyes, he waits for the blow to fall. Seconds pass and Sasuke slowly opens his eyes and sees her standing over him, her fists clenched.


"So", she says, "Is this is the end of the Uchiha clan?"


Suddenly, Sasuke remembers his plan to kill his brother and he refuses to let this be the end. He forces himself to stand and start running to the wall. Of course, Lili moves much faster, but he makes it through the wall before she catches him. However, now she stands between Sasuke and the door.


Grinning evilly at him, she asks him, “Did you think you could get away so easily, Sasuke?”


Sasuke is again frozen in fear - a fear he can not escape. This girl is about to kill him, but all he can do is think that he can’t die yet. Then he hears himself yell, "NO! I can't die! I haven't killed Itachi! I can't die!"


Lili stops. Growling, she asks, “Why should I care about you and your stupid revenge?”


“He killed our parents, our family, our friends,” Sasuke sobs, “I can’t let him live!”


Then he notices that Lili’s hair has turned back to white. She’s quiet for a moment, and then she slowly opens the door.


“If you can make it through the door before I kill you, then I will let you live,” she says.


Almost on instinct, Sasuke forms a justu at Lili and then runs for the door. She hits him fast and hard with kunai, shurikens and her fists. He falls and collapses just on the other side of the door. She follows him and nudges him with her foot. He has fallen unconscious, but he is still breathing shallowly. Orochimaru watches Lili and Sasuke, but he is too afraid to do anything. Kabuto avoids looking at Lili and just sits shivering as he remembers his past encounters with her.


'Well, Sasuke,' she thinks, 'I guess this won't be the end of the Uchihas.'


Lili feels a bit guilty for letting her black side control her and almost killing Sasuke, but, most of all, for wanting to kill him. She is a bit shaken, as she always is when her black side overcomes her, but, now, letting her white side take over, she bends down and pushes nearly all her remaining chakra into Sasuke, healing him immediately. This could have caused her to become unconscious herself, but she had something she needed to do.

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